Treating Yourself Like Someone You Love

What is self-care? Self-care is treating yourself like someone you love. It’s finding out what your body, mind and spirit really need and rewarding yourself with it. Life is hard, but you don’t need to be hard on yourself. Take the time for yourself to stop life for a moment and let your body rest. Let your mind rest, and reconnect with your spirit.

In this crazy-busy and stressful life we live in, it is hard to remember to take time for yourself. As a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, student, business owner, etc., I know how difficult it can be to justify “treating” yourself. However, “treating” yourself like someone you love shouldn’t even be an issue. It should be a priority. I work hard to do the best I can with what I have been given. I strive to give everyone around me what they need because I love and care about them so deeply. Sometimes I am so busy filling everyone else’s cup, I forget to fill my own. You can literally die from dehydration. We need to remember this!

Just like our bodies need hydration to survive, so do our minds and spirits. We need to hydrate our minds with whatever makes them expand and grow. We need to hydrate our spirits with whatever feeds our soul. We need to take the time to remember that those three elements work as one within us. When one of those elements is lacking, the others elements cannot run at their full potential.

Bodywork is my favorite source of self-care. Bodywork gives my body a chance to decompress. My muscles relax. My heart-rate begins to slow. My central nervous system kicks out of overdrive and into zen mode. My mind becomes clearer, and I am able to remember what I am not. I am not my past history. I am not my present circumstances. I am not my future situation. I am this moment and in this moment I am enough. I am complete and I am whole. I remember that I am here in this moment for a reason and my goal is to just be.

In this moment, I am able get in touch with my core issues. I am given the space to deal with those core issues and let them go. Release them from my body. Free them from my mind. Allow my spirit to let go and restore balance from within. In this moment I am stronger. I can now take that strength and go back out and face the world with a more focused mindset.

This is why I choose self-care. If you would like to choose self-care too, I would love to work with you. Go up to the menu options and choose Contact Me. There you will find my contact information. Let's connect and start your own self-care journey.

Friday, November 9th, 2018