The Twilight Zone

Why do we make excuses to avoid self-care?

After doing a chair massage event this past weekend, I was amazed by how many people would walk by and talk themselves out of a moment—just a moment—to relax, a moment to themselves, a moment to just stop whatever is going on in their busy lives and get back in touch with themselves, a moment of self-care. Their reasons were endless. “I would love it so much you wouldn’t be able to get me off your chair.” “I really need this, but… (insert just about anything here).” I even had a person give me the twilight zone theme song as an excuse because my banner stated “Relax Your Body, Mind & Spirit”. No matter what the reason was to justify their choice, they were all excuses.

If I cannot get you off my chair, then I have done my job. I have given you the space to relax—your body, your mind, your spirit—to the point that you needed to be. I have provided you a place and circumstance in which you allowed yourself to be so relaxed there was nothing you needed in that moment but to JUST BE. Why is this something that we talk ourselves out of?

If you really need this, but… Then you should stop at “I really need this.” That is your body, your mind, your spirit speaking through you. After the but comes all the things that have been covering your true voice. You know what you need, and you just told me what you need. Then you covered it up with but… Stop. Take a moment to listen to yourself. Block out the world and what you THINK you need to do to survive and take a moment to be in the present. What does your body need? What does your mind need? What does your spirit need? What do YOU need in this moment? Why do we talk ourselves out of the answer by following it with but…?

If you correlate “relax your body, mind & spirit” with the twilight zone, then you definitely might need to take a moment. I have heard it all—witch, witchcraft, hoodoo voodoo. You name it, and I have probably had someone say it to me. I used to get offended when someone threw those phrases at me. They don’t bother me anymore. I have come to see a different side of things. Those phrases come from a lack of understanding. What I do is not witchcraft. I am not a witch, and I don’t mess with voodoo. What I do is educate myself. I learn how the body works. I research how the brain works. I study how the spirit works. Then I take the knowledge that I have been given and learn how they all work together. We are made up a physical body, an internal mind, and an internal/external spirit. No matter what you believe, this is a scientific fact. Even if you don’t believe in a higher power, you still believe in something (even if it’s nothing), and that is the “spirit” that runs you. All three of these factors work together. This is what makes you YOU. If you correlate “relax your body, mind & spirit” with the twilight zone, then maybe you are so disconnected from your body, mind & spirit the idea of relaxation is uncharted territory, the Twilight Zone:

It is a dimension as vast as a space and as timeless as

infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow,

between science and superstition, and it lies between the

pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge.

This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which

we call the Twilight Zone.

It’s hard for us to step away from what we call life and take a moment for ourselves. Self-care isn’t normally viewed as a priority and in some cases, it can be seen as a luxury or even selfish. This is a sad state of being. We work so hard to do what we think we need to do, but we forget to take the time to do what we know we need to do, for ourselves. We are AMAZING organic machines. We will work until we cannot work anymore. If you ask any mechanic what would be the best way to extend the life and optimize the performance of a machine, their answer will most likely be maintenance. Self-care is maintenance. It is maintenance for our AMAZING organic machines we call bodies. It is maintenance for our minds. It is maintenance for our spirits. Why do we make excuses and talk ourselves out of not extending the life and optimizing the performance of ourselves?

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018